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Pandora Art Education International brings together art lovers around the world to feed their passion and help them learn and grow. Our programmes help art enthusiasts understand and enjoy how looking at paintings and sculpture or indeed decorative arts can be enriching, energizing and relaxing at the same time. It’s fun, it’s a leisure activity, but it’s also educational and in many ways therapeutic. It is also a fulfilling career path for students, returners or transition to the art world.

Our art appreciation courses are for those with little prior knowledge of the art world who want to learn more and have a basis from which to explore their favourite genres. Others already know something but want to fill gaps in their knowledge.

After this, we can develop our curiosity by researching artists, their practice methods, their circles and the era which influenced their work directly or indirectly. People from different backgrounds can learn to interpret works from new perspectives such as sociology, psychology, history, commerce, literature or music.

The course includes a glimpse of the art market and its importance in the luxury industry and the world of the art collector.

The course is enriched with many supporting reference documents to keep handy to refer back to. Illustrated with images, these helpful checklists, glossaries and articles enable you to quickly understand and grasp the richness of art history and how elements fit together. This is the best foundation for having a handle on the breadth and depth of fine art which will help you move seamlessly to the next level – Art Management.

In the art appreciation course students learn why art is important in our society. They understand the structure of art history as a study and learn terms and vocabulary. Very often the terms can be off-putting or confusing, you may think you understand what they mean but are you sure? Through our narrated lessons or learning in the classroom, we explain this in an easy-to-understand way.


“Frozen Bubbles VI”, Tom Jacobi, ‘Into The Light’, 2017, Lake Abraham Canada

Artwork of The Month

Tom Jacobi

Tom Jacobi, a German photographer born in 1956, embarked on his photographic journey at the tender age of thirteen when he received his first camera as a gift. Despite initially lacking interest in photography, he soon found himself captivated by the craft. His early work consisted of typical subjects like family members, pets, and sunsets, but it wasn’t long before his talent caught the eye of professionals.

Jacobi’s career took off when he began working for a stock photo agency while still in high school. His photos started appearing in magazines, marking the beginning of his success in the field. A pivotal moment came when he received a call from Rolf Gillhausen, offering him a position as a staff photographer at Stern magazine, one of the world’s premier publications at the time.

During his tenure at Stern, Jacobi delved into various genres of photography, from classic reportages to fashion and design photography. His adventurous spirit led him to capture moments in war zones and exotic locations around the globe. His experiences ranged from being imprisoned in Iran to attempting to charm Claudia Schiffer for a magazine cover.

After leaving Stern in 1986, Jacobi pursued freelance opportunities, working with international magazines and advertising campaigns. However, his passion for storytelling through images led him back to Stern in 2000, this time as the magazine’s creative director. He made significant contributions to the publication, including launching the book series “Stern Fotografie” and creating the monthly magazine “View”.

Throughout his career, Jacobi’s work has been characterised by its ability to evoke emotion and spark curiosity. His projects often explore profound themes, such as his trilogy “Awakening,” which delves into the connection between humanity and the Earth. In 2016, he was honoured as “Photographer of the Year” at the Moscow International Photo Awards for his series “Grey Matter(s).”

In addition to his editorial and artistic endeavours, Jacobi has ventured into the realm of integrating photography into architecture and design. His latest project involves incorporating his artwork into the design of cabins on the superyacht “ALASKA,” showcasing the fusion of photography with architectural elements.

Jacobi’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues in photography underscores his enduring passion for the art form. As he continues to captivate audiences with his visually stunning creations, his legacy as a pioneering photographer remains indelible.