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Whilst art appreciation is vital for those who work for collectors, they also need to be able to manage art collections. Our Art Management course is perfect for anyone working for an art collector or new to the art world so this cultural heritage can be preserved. This involves an understanding of the art collector and art collecting as well as an overview of the art market in which they operate.

In just one day, you can unlock the inner workings of the art world. We teach the practical care and handling of valuable objects along with the full scope of collectors’ services.

Following successful course completion delegates receive a certificate to demonstrate to future employers that they understand the important aspects of working with art portfolios, that they understand the processes, the vocabulary and characteristics of the sector.

art management
art management

You will also learn where and how to secure the most reliable resources in the art world and where to go to find the right services to support daily operations. The curriculum includes 6 modules: Logistics, Exporting and art handling, Environmental risks, Media & materials, Framing, Copyright Issues, Art forensics and Insurance.