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Art on superyachts

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Art on superyachts

Adapted for Superyacht crew, The Practical Care of On-board Art Collections was specifically developed for Captains, Pursers, Interior Crew, yacht management and staff working with superyacht owners or owners representatives.

Being to a high professional standard the course material is adapted for any household staff, butlers or their PA working for UHNW clients and art collectors with significant portfolios of fine art.

We also offer financial support in some cases in association with Yonnet Formations in Nice on the Cote d’Azur where regular consultations are offered to support this sector.

We have also been supporting and teaching the Insurance industry. Underwriters needing surveys of art enabling them to write premiums, training in the risks for brokers and lectures for private clients are now in demand.

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Art on superyachts

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