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Art Consultancy


Our strategy and development programme for established businesses or start-ups focuses on the creative sector. We support the sales management process and help in developing partnerships and creating market exposure. Whilst offering arts organisations the opportunity to outsource part of their sales management cost effectively, our clients particularly benefit from the strategic partnerships and collaborations we are able to make for them.

Balancing Heads, Black Marble by Dawn Rowland


Assistance with the due diligence process, managing collections and contracting trusted and reliable services through access to a range of resources gathered over years of industry experience. These include valuations for estate monitoring and succession, storage, transport, installation, conservation, technical analysis, exhibition and registrar services, financing, insurance and other art management related services. We do not provide art brokerage but work with a brokerage and through participation in the Art Due Diligence Group. We are able to assist with buying at auction, offering access to specialist objects off-market.


We are members of The Art Due Diligence Group (ADDG), a joined up expert due diligence service for clients wanting to know the steps that should be undertaken prior to a high value art sale taking place or before any artwork is taken to market.

This is a user-friendly and helpful system for examining artworks and obtaining the necessary professional opinions that should be sought when dealing with a high value artwork or a collection of artworks. Comprised of a specially selected team of experts with years of experience in the art market, the ADDG realised the need to combine its collective expertise because of the situations encountered in today’s art market. As the price of art has risen sharply, regulation has become tighter, the process has become complex, new markets have emerged, a new breed of collector has entered the market and the stakes are now high meaning that there is much to lose through lack of compliance, knowledge and process.

Pandora also offers a masterclass in Art Due Diligence. A level 4 component of the programme. This is a one to one private session designed to share the pitfalls and best practice in buying and selling high value decorative artefacts, paintings and sculpture.