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The Artworld Revealed is available with local support through global partners. These localised partnerships are being formed with qualified trainers, or art historians with art world expertise behind them. Our partners are carefully selected and trained by us to deliver the course content in their own country, so students are supported in their own language and in the nuances of their local art market.

If you are interested in training to become one of our partners, please get in touch.

Pandora’s previous career in building global art partnerships means that Pandora Art Education draws on many years of previous success in building and maintaining international relationships and agents networks.

We build on this to share knowledge and to bring the programme to a far-reaching audience.

Current Partners:

  • Art Consul, Russia
  • Yonnet Formations, France
  • Cerise Washington, Dubai
  • VIP Service School, Palma, Spain
  • Platinum Nanny, Monaco
global art partnerships
global art partnerships
global art partnerships